Pentecost makes everything much too black and white!

This is so simple.


It’s nearly too simple for many of us. I suspect it’s much too black and white!


The Spirit arrives into our lives – remember it’s the Spirit that brings us into intimacy with God – in a very ordered way.


There are steps and each step builds on the previous step.


If you love me – that’s the first step; if you love  me… look how he’s phrased it; if


If you love me then the second step; you’ll keep my commandment’s. So the second step is keeping his commandments but it doesn’t happen without the first step.


Then Jesus repeats himself, making the same point but in a slightly different way.


And then to really push the point home he states that the reverse is true… few of us like that… typically we’d say; that’s much too black and white!


So, the Spirit does not enter every life, only the lives of those who love Jesus (God) and keep his commandments.


So, we’re given a reason for lack of intimacy with God.


Finally, we’re told something of what the Spirit’s presence does; it causes us to remember Jesus teaching… it becomes part of who we are, my identity, your identity, our identity.