What follows is how Mirjana Soldo describes the experience of meeting Our Lady during an apparition. If it is true (and the evidence is convincing) then we’re being presented with a description of Heaven. In other words, we’re being presented with a description of the experience our deceased loved ones are now experiencing.

Once Mirjana’s words are grasped, they could transform even the greatest darkness, but the transformation is a process, a journey, essentially a journey from unbelief to belief.

According to Mirjana – and this is very noteworthy – when Our Lady speaks of unbelief, she’s including religious people; religious people who do not yet know the love of God in their hearts.

Mirjana’s words are in bold, my comments to aid reflection are in italics.

People ask me why I’m so distraught after an apparition.
For many days after an apparition Mirjana is inconsolable, deeply depressed, essentially because she has briefly possessed Heaven during the apparition and then lost it.

I explain that every encounter with Our Lady is a fulfilment of everything.

I feel completed.

For example, I love Marija and Veronica (her daughters) with all my heart, and like any normal mother, I would give my life for them.

But when I’m with Our Lady, even my daughters do not exist.

These are huge statements, phenomenal. What kind of love is this that even a mother’s love for her daughters fades into insignificance?

Take a moment to allow this description to embrace your deceased loved one.

Mirjana goes on:

My only desire is to go with the Blessed Mother.

When the apparition ends, I feel so much pain.

When Our Lady looks directly at me – as she does for most of the apparition – I see no one else, even though I’m surrounded by people.

They can be praying, talking, or even shouting, but I can’t hear them. Sunlight might shine directly into my eyes, but I can’t feel it.

I’m experiencing Heaven in that moment.

These are significant statements indicating that Mirjana is not just seeing Our Lady as though from a distance but is caught up in Our Lady’s world – as she describes it herself: “I’m experiencing Heaven in that moment.”

Mirjana continues:

I’m experiencing God’s love and I’m filled with a joy that I’ve never felt on Earth.

My mind is distinctly calm and devoid of trivial thoughts.

I have only two desires in my heart – for the moment to never end, or for Our Lady to take me with her.

Again, we’re presented with phenomenal statements.

“A distinctly calm mind, devoid of all trivial thoughts.” Don’t we all need just that? What a beautiful description of Heaven. Stay with it for a little time; “a distinctly calm mind, devoid of all trivial thoughts.” When was the last time you had such an experience? Now, allow it to embrace your deceased loved one.

Mirjana says that when she’s with Our Lady she has only two desires and both desires are directed toward the next life, not this life! Again, remember, these are the words of an incredibly happy wife and mother and her desire to go with Our Lady means leaving her husband and daughters behind – it means death – but she still wants to go! The desire for Heaven once experienced, once known, is greater than the desire for the earth and all our earthly loves.

Once again, allow this understanding of death to permeate your deceased loved one and your thoughts of him or her.

And most of all, allow it to speak to your loss, for your loss is your loved ones gain!