Confirmation Session 10: Becoming God’s goodness in the world.

Published on February 19, 2023

Simple enough you’d think but the goodness that God expects is of a much higher standard. God wants us to be nothing less than his goodness in the world.

Lots of people think that if you’re good that’s all God requires but God in Jesus pointed out that the goodness of believers must be greater than the goodness of unbelievers – about people doing good generally he once pulled the rug from under their feet, so to speak, by saying; “even pagans do that much!”

Jesus is simply pointing out that non-believers do loads of good but Christian goodness must be greater.

The kind of goodness that God requires comes from a heart that’s united with God’s heart, that’s sitting in God’s heart.

If your heart is greedy, jealous, spiteful, hateful… you’re going to do lots of bad stuff. So getting your heart good – or clean, or pure, or free – is so important. How do you get rid of greed, jealousy, spite, hate, all that kind of stuff?

Pray over the long-haul, like I’ve tried to explain, and God just makes it disappear. It’s amazing.

If you’re jealous of somebody just start asking God to make that person greater than you in God’s sight, in God’s kingdom. It’s hard to do, but make that difficulty part of your prayer, in your own words tell God it’s hard to do but you’re still asking him to do it because Jesus taught us to do stuff like this. If you do it over the long-haul, every day, sincerely, before long you’ll realize the jealousy is gone.

The power that makes it disappear is called God’s grace. We can’t see grace or touch it, it’s not usually perceptible and is recognized only by its fruits, in this case by not being jealous anymore. When it happens you’ve no idea how it happened but suddenly you know what grace is!

Overall, this is how we become God’s goodness in the world.

He’s a challenging master to the ego but he is so beautiful, captivating, delightful, appealing, alluring, enthralling, charming, exquisite, delicate, fascinating… divine!

Go for it!