Prayer for Peace: Every Tuesday 10am-7pm

Day of Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament for Peace in Ukraine, Europe and the world, every Tuesday 10am – 7pm.

I recommend adding a sacrifice or sacrifices to your prayer. Our Lady always asks that we accompany our prayer with sacrifices – she recommends fasting in particular. I know from experience that it’s always easier…

Parish Office Closed 19-22 April

The Parish Office will be closed 19-22 April and will reopen on Monday April 25th. Reminder: Linda is in the Presbytery on Monday mornings.

Confirmation Session 6: Do good… be goodness itself!

Suggested Time Wed Mar 09 – Thurs Mar 10

Simple enough you’d think but the goodness that God expects is of a much higher standard.

God wants us to be goodness itself, nothing less than his goodness in the world.

Lots of people think that if you’re good that’s all God requires but God in…

Confirmation Session 5: Avoid offending God and when we have offended God; apologize

Suggested Time Mon Mar 07th – Tues Mar 08th

There’s stuff that we do – being dishonest, unfaithful, selfish… stealing – that offends and hurts God.

Stuff that hurts God is called sin.

When we offend God it’s like offending any other person.

Imagine loving the person who has offended or hurt you…

We don’t…

Staying positive in difficult times: Heaven’s answer; be converted!

Let me share Heaven’s secret for staying positive in difficult times.


If you want to stay positive – be converted!


In all the madness that we’ve seen unfold in recent days here’s what I think is happening.


We are moving the world into a place, a context, in which the 10 secrets…

Confirmation Session 4: Mass is everything!

Mass is everything.

On earth there is nothing greater than Mass… at least in God’s eyes!

Padre Pio once said that it’d be easier for the earth to exist without the sun than for the earth to exist without Mass!

Mass is Heaven’s greatest gift

Mass is Jesus and all that he has done for…

Confirmation Session 3.2: Prayer and the Holy Spirit

Suggested Time Wed Mar 02nd – Thurs Mar 03rd

Warning ⚠️ from here on I may be describing spiritual experience that goes over lots of heads!

Please don’t let this put you off… instead treat it as a map of the path to intimacy with God.

The Spirit has only one…

Confirmation Session 3.1: How to pray

Suggested Time Mon Feb 28th – Tues Mar 01st

Create the space and the time.

In prayer speak to God as you would to another person, as you would to a friend using your own words. What do you speak about when you meet your friends? When you’re on a sleep-over? When you meet a…

Second Day of Prayer and Fasting* for Peace in Ukraine and Europe

Second Day of Prayer and Fasting* for peace in Ukraine and Europe


Friday February 25th 10am – 7pm

Join us as we approach the Divine Master on behalf of the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦

Can you spend 30 minutes or more with the Divine Master? We need to…

Confirmation Session 3: Prayer – convincing God we’re serious

Prayer is the use of our freedom to invite God to breach our personal space.

It’s our consent, our permission given to God. Such is God’s respect for human freedom that without this invitation… this consent… this permission… God will not enter our personal space.

So without prayer God remains outside… distant… remote… little more…