Coronavirus musings from the presbytery window

Just an update on progress:

The Coronavirus: A very long penitential season – from above ❎ In progress.

The phenomenal growth in small ego life – cut off from big life – is the primary reason for the decline in organized religion ❎ In progress.

Love is the standard by which God will judge us – but it is…

Electricity Supply Interruption – Webcam down Sunday June 13th

We’ve received notice of an electricity supply interruption on Sunday June 13th 9.00am – 4.00pm. We’ll have no lights, no sound, no Wi-Fi and no webcam. Apologies.

Papal Knighthood for Eugene

During 7pm Mass on Friday last, May 28th., a Papal Knighthood was conferred on Eugene Doyle. The Knighthood was conferred by Bishop Brennan on behalf of Pope Francis in recognition of Eugene’s personal and professional contribution to the Diocese of Ferns.

Since becoming Diocesan Finance Officer in 2004, Eugene has helped to shape and oversee…

Welcome back – it has been one very long penitential season!

With a joyful heart and gratitude to God I welcome you back to in-person Mass.

It would take a small book to say all that I want to say! So, for now I will be brief 😊

Let me just say that I am working on a blog-piece that attempts to tease-out the soul-meaning of…

Communion Calls

Jesus be praised!

I am delighted to inform you that I will receive the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on May 13th. Therefore, since I will be fully vaccinated 2 weeks later – and all to whom I will be calling are most likely already vaccinated – I will be able to resume the…

Mass Resumes on Monday May 10th 2021 at 7.00pm

I’m sure you already know but nonetheless it is with great joy – and considerable relief – that I am able to inform you that Mass with up to 50 people present will resume on Monday May 10th.

With gratitude to God I look forward to seeing you all again.

Welcome back!

Hired men – the problem with Christianity!

Provoctive thoughts on the difference between the hired man and the Good Shepherd – I’m definitely more hired man!

Hired men – the problem with Christianity! | paddybanville’s Blog

Change of Mass Time – Wednesday April 21st

Mass on Wednesday April 21st will be at the later time of 7.00pm rather than 10.00am.

Webcam is back up – as of Thurs 3.25pm

The webcam is back up and assigned to our static (permanent) IP address.

Webcam is back up 09.04.21

The webcam is back up, apparently when there is a power cut or the router is rebooted the service provider (currently Eir) will sometimes give a new IP address, but the webcam is still linked to the old address. The solution is a permanent address which comes for a once-off fee.