Second Sunday of Easter (C)

The context is death. They’ve seen Jesus – the one they’d given so much of themselves to – brutally murdered.

They were terrified, for them this is terror.

For all they knew they could be next.

So, try to put yourself in their heart-spaces.

Jesus strides into this locked room – the locked room itself symbolizing their fear, their terror – and he says; peace!✌️

Catch the absolute contrast! From a distance it’s funny, the script for a comedy. But it’s real, hiding deep spiritual truths that will play out in our lives.

Here’s what’s behind it. It’s another example of Jesus living out his own teaching.

When we’re confronted with death our response is almost always: “Oh my God, Oh my God he’s going to die!”

But the whole message of Jesus is: “Oh my God, Oh my God he’s going to sin!”

It’s a whole different focus.

Our whole future, the whole of the risen life is premised on the forgiveness of sins.

Without it, nothing! Remember Jesus words to Peter at the Last Supper: “If I do not wash you, you can have nothing in common with me.”

Everything about this appearance is leading to just that; the forgiveness of sins.