Day of Prayer and Fasting for peace in Ukraine: Friday Feb 18th 2022

Published on February 16, 2022

Day of Prayer and Fasting* for Peace in Ukraine and Europe
Friday February 18th
10am – 7pm

Join us as we approach the Divine Master on behalf of the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦

Can you spend 30 minutes or more with the Divine Master? We need to ensure that there’s at least one person present 10am to 7pm.

If you can help us to ensure that there’s at least one praying person present at all times, please contact the parish office with details of the time you can be present, for example 10am – 10.30am or any 30 minutes or duration of time that suits you.

*Fasting is usually bread and water for 24 hours. If that’s too difficult try replacing one meal with dry bread and water.

Parish Office 053 9261729

Parish Mobile 086 7913919