Finance Update 19.06.2022

Published on June 26, 2022

For the immediate future – the weeks ahead:

We’ve received an interest-free loan from a parishioner that will help us in the short term.

We will introduce as soon as possible – hopefully for the weekend of 25th & 26th June – what’s known as split-the-pot. Envelopes will be available here (St. Senan’s Church) and from various shops in the parish; take an envelope, write your name and a contact number on the envelope, put €2 in the envelope and drop it into the split-the-pot box. Every week the full amount collected will be split 50/50, 50% to a weekly winner and 50% to parish funds. The lucky winner will be drawn every Saturday evening at the end of the 7pm Mass.

Looking a little further into the future:

The Golf Classic will make a return, the choir’s CD is progressing, and possibly another raffle as the winter approaches.

In the longer term:

We’ll look at creating one or two self-contained apartments in the presbytery which can be rented. It’ll require a bit of work so it’s in the longer term. But we’ll start to look at it now.

We’ll also start looking at the possibility of raising money by utilizing the church car park. It’ll require work too so it’s in the longer term. Again, we’ll start working on it now.