Income & Expenditure 2020

Published on November 6, 2021

Last weekend – 30th & 31st October – we published the annual accounts for 2020, available here: Income & Expenditure St. Senan’s Church 2020

To be honest we’ve done much better than I expected.

With restrictions in place the church was closed to public worship – and no weekly Mass means no weekly collection!

We adapted quickly – because of the pandemic we now have a parish website, a webcam, an online payment facility, and the ability to accept card payments.

We also put a letter box in the sacristy door which saw – and continues to see – a steady flow of weekly envelopes.

We did all that with your money; AND we paid all the usual bills in 2020; AND we didn’t have to borrow a cent to do it. Now stand back and consider that… it’s amazing.

Granted we’re indebted to Government support in the form of tax rebates and TWSS (Government financial support to keep people in jobs during Covid-19). Like many people I’ve often felt somewhat burdened trying to meet my tax bill but without those same taxes the parish income would be down €25,000.00 in 2020. Or perhaps it’s all borrowed money! Still, credit where credit is due, Government support kept us out of serious financial trouble in 2020.

So it’s an amazed thank you from my grateful heart to the contributing people of St. Senan’s Church and to our Government.

To the people who manage our contributions: Linda O’Rourke on a day to day basis and to Eugene Doyle and the Finance Committee; may each one of your hearts know something of the gratitude in my heart – thank you.