Prayer for Peace: Every Tuesday 10am-7pm

Published on April 20, 2022

Day of Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament for Peace in Ukraine, Europe and the world, every Tuesday 10am – 7pm.

I recommend adding a sacrifice or sacrifices to your prayer. Our Lady always asks that we accompany our prayer with sacrifices – she recommends fasting in particular. I know from experience that it’s always easier to pray on an empty stomach, much easier. Additionally, the physical hunger seems to stimulate a spiritual hunger which then marries our prayer-effort and leads to deeper prayer.

Rosary 10.30am

Mass 7.00pm

To leave Jesus unattended in this gracious gift of Himself would be to offend him. It would be a sin rising to Heaven from St. Senan’s Parish. So, to prevent further devastation rising to Heaven we need to ensure that there is at least one praying person before the Blessed Sacrament at all times.

So, we need 18 people to commit to be present for 30 minutes. If a number of people commit to a longer period, say 60 minutes, obviously that will reduce the number of people required to ensure there’s always at least one person present. If you can help, please enter your name or initials on the time-sheet placed at the back of the church (old part); each time-slot is a 30 minute commitment.