Staying positive in difficult times: Heaven’s answer; be converted!

Published on March 5, 2022

Let me share Heaven’s secret for staying positive in difficult times.


If you want to stay positive – be converted!


In all the madness that we’ve seen unfold in recent days here’s what I think is happening.


We are moving the world into a place, a context, in which the 10 secrets of Medjugorje can unfold.


The people central to Medjugorje tell us that Our Lady has said that “what she started in Fatima she’ll finish in Medugorje”


So, the Medugorje events are the fulfilment of Fatima.


Four details are important to grasp.


Firstly, the unfolding of the ten secrets in our history, our lives, will be Heaven’s victory in human affairs. It’s nothing more than the conversion of humanity to God. It’s a really positive thing, a good thing…


Secondly, the quality – the ease or the severity – of this fleshing of Heaven’s victory which is nothing more than the conversion of humanity to God will be determined by, is being determined by the quality of our relationship with God.


The further away the world is from God – the greater the sin – the more difficult it’ll be, the more difficult the road back to God. It may very well involve war and great suffering and I suspect we’re seeing the beginnings of it now. The world will crawl back! Indeed, we know that some of the ten secrets certainly involve great suffering.


Thirdly, human freedom. This is a critical point. Let me put it this way; it seems highly likely – if not guaranteed – that we will not use our freedom to turn to God until we’ve nowhere else to go!


Imagine if I delivered this on national radio or TV. Imagine the response. Outrage probably, possibly even ridicule. Here’s the problem for God: How will that outraged freedom be brought to God while God respects that same freedom? The only option for God is to let human freedom run its course… and that’s what we’re seeing.


The Medjugorje secrets are essentially a map of future world events that will bring human freedom to repentance and to God… or to put it another way, the breaking down of that outraged freedom by letting it run it’s course. Remember, letting it run its course equals God’s respect for human freedom.


We’re now so far removed from God that we’re likely to blame God for all this… or another human favourite, to use events like we’re seeing in Ukraine  as evidence that there is no God.


You see, we want God to sort it. We think Heaven should sort it. We fail to see that Heaven’s victory must be fleshed. In other words, that it must happen in our lives, individually, then collectively. We must be converted.


Our freedom is crucial. God needs our freedom, Heaven needs our freedom, Love needs our freedom…


This is the reason Our Lady has been asking for prayer and fasting now (actually for forty years), asking for our help and cooperation – conversion – to lessen the suffering of humanity’s return… to lessen the pain involved in human freedom discovering it’s errors.


She is after all a Mother. Imagine her heart-space watching us…


Think of humanity as the prodigal son, Luke 15:11-33. He leaves his Father… proud… arrogant… check out Jesus description of his lifestyle… and crawls back, broken, having lost everything. It’s a parable for the whole of humanity.


My fourth point, the near collapse of the Catholic faith – indeed faith generally – has facilitated all that’s unfolding or is about to unfold.


In itself, it’s a microcosm of all that’s happening in the wider world. Sin destroys… creates hell in time and eternity.


Bear in mind it’s one of the secrets of Fatima.


The unholy has created the most devastating distractions – scandals – events so diabolical that they’ve managed to cloud our religious-spiritual vision and impair or religious-spiritual hearing, so much so that we’re hardly able to see or hear anything other than the unholy. Everything has been tainted, to such an extent that everything I say as a priest is easily dismissed.


Do you really think that this distraction, this cloud, this impairment, this tainting is an accident of history?


I’m repeatedly told that we need to stay positive, stay hopeful. Agreed, but Heaven has already given us our singular hope.


How much attention have we given to her and to her message?


Fear not, remember she’s already said that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph and that the Medugorje events will be the fulfilment of Fatima.


And remember, she can’t do it without us, we must participate too, we must respond, each one functioning as part of the whole.


It’s all down to us, to the quality of our personal conversion. In other words to the quality of humanity’s relationship with the Divine. In this relationship nobody is excluded, but rather in terms of personal conversion each person is contributing to the whole, to the overall human cost of Our Lady’s triumph.


This will decide everything… is deciding it right before our very eyes. We’re living Heaven’s judgement which is to say we’re living the fruit of our collective choices.


It’s the reason Jesus was so fond of the word “repent” and the reason Our Lady says “be converted”