Welcome back – it has been one very long penitential season!

Published on May 15, 2021

With a joyful heart and gratitude to God I welcome you back to in-person Mass.

It would take a small book to say all that I want to say! So, for now I will be brief 😊

Let me just say that I am working on a blog-piece that attempts to tease-out the soul-meaning of all that we have been living through. Its central message argues that the coronavirus – whatever its origins – is not a random event with no meaning other than to be overcome and assigned to history. These events are personal to the current generations and intended to direct us to God, to Soul, to reappraise and reassess our very existence and most likely cause us to alter our pre-pandemic path. Once complete the piece will be available in hard-copy (printed on paper), and posted on my blog with links available here and on Facebook.

Meanwhile, my heart is bursting with gratitude to God, to the people of St. Senan’s Parish, and to benefactors near and far.

Personally speaking, I have just about managed to pay my bills. I have been squeezed – yes – but I’m not in significant arrears with anything. In saying this, I am so very conscious that many people are now returning to work facing a mountain of bills. Worse again, some may have lost their livelihood.

From the parish’s perspective we dipped into the red briefly. Almost immediately we arranged an overdraft facility but remarkably we haven’t needed it. This is truly remarkable and testament to the wonderful support we continue to receive.

What can I say? Well, definitely a heartfelt “thank you” at the very least, but more than that, and I think more importantly, a renewed commitment to do my best to direct us all to God using these events as the stepping stones they are intended to be.

These are exciting times and God is speaking through all that we have been experiencing. We need to listen and learn. We really do.

Blessings for the days ahead.

Fr. Paddy